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    Hi everyone! I'm the owner of Waddle World and there's some things I should tell you! 1. I'm the only one who MAKES Waddle World 2. I own http://cpcheatsnow.com 3. You might see me on Waddle World when it opens! 4. Waddle World will grow over the years but everyone who wants a beta item, then sign up NOW!!! 5. I'm going to update this site alot! 6. Hope you enjoyed those things! -Zxcvbnmkj

Dance NOW!

Sorry everyone!

The party had some glitches till right now!

Log on now for the party!

Dance Soon!

Start dancing because the dance party I’d coming tomarow!

Dance Party!

Hello everyone!

The dance party starts tomarow! so make sure you go on!


Sorry I havn’t been posting in a bit!

Sorry i had to work on http://CPCheatsNOW.com (I own it) and i hade to work on http://YoCodes.webs.com (get Club Penguin on your website)

But i’m back!

The beta party is over and soon a dance party!

More info on that soon!


Emos added!

Type e1, e2, or e3 in the chat bar then click say for emos!

Also go to Beta Mountain to get the microphone then say dance to sing with it!

ALSO say wave to wave!


Waddle World is moving forward!

Waddle World now workes for all browsers!!!

Check it out HERE!


Waddle World will only load with Internet Explorer 6 or Safari (Sorry)

Log on here!!!